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Published: May 19, 2017

Language: English

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Yagya - 3 weeks ago

New moive

Anil - 3 weeks ago

Very god

Dagokes - 4 weeks ago

https://t.me/one_poetry - лучшие стихи великих поэтов!

Sergey - 1 month ago

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Amarjeet - 1 month ago

🔵First country to legalise Euthanasia==>Netherland
🔵First country to recognise ‘third gender’ on census forms==>Nepal
🔵First country to require SMS for aircraft entry==>Bermuda
🔵First country to draft its constitution on iPad==>Hungary
🔵First country to account for natural assets globally==>India
🔵First country to ban fur for fashion week events==>Norway
🔵First country to slap ‘Fat tax’ on food products==>Denmark
🔵First country to use the Arabic language for domain name==>Egypt
🔵First country to sign biodiversity protocol==>Colombia
🔵First country to block 100000 websites==>Thailand
🔵First country to monitor every car journey==>Britain
🔵First country to ban amalgam fillings==>Norway
🔵First country to ban use of animal circuses==>Bolivia
🔵First country to have cruise manoeuvrable Missile==>India
🔵First woman President of a country==>Marma Estella ‘Isabel’ Martinez Cartas de Peron
🔵First country to approve stem cell therapy==>South Korea
🔵First country in the world to introduce internet==>votingEstonia
🔵First country to launch secret==>Denmark
🔵First country to use bivalent polio vaccine==>Afghanistan
🔵First country to adopt the International Labour Organisation (ILO)==>Brazil
🔵First crossword puzzle in the world was published==>By London Sunday Express
🔵First country to make a constitution==>United States of America
🔵First country to appoint Lokpal==>Sweden
🔵First Asian city to host Olympic game==>Tokyo, Japan
🔵First country printed book==>China
🔵First country to start paper currency==>China
🔵First country to start civil service commission==>China
🔵First country to make education compulsory==>Prussia
🔵First country to win world cup football==>Uruguay
🔵First country to organize NAM summit==>Belgrade
🔵First country to host modern Olympic==>Greece
🔵First country to set radio telescope satellite into space==>Japan
🔵First country to ban capital punishment==>Venezuela
🔵First country to give constitutional status to animal rights==>Switzerland
🔵First country to give voting right to women==>New Zealand
🔵First country to set carbon tax==>New Zealand
🔵First country to start VAT (Value Added Tax)==>Brazil and Germany
🔵First country to start plastic currency==>Australia
🔵First country to sign nuclear agreement with India==>France
🔵First country to send human to moon==>USA
🔵First spaceship landed on Mars==>VIKING ­– 1
🔵First space shuttle launched==>Columbia
🔵First religion of the world==>Sanatan Dharma
🔵First University of the world==>Taxila University
🔵First country to brings out the FIAT==>Italy
🔵First country to issue stamps==>Great Britain
🔵First animated colour cartoon of full feature length==>Snow white and seven dwarf
🔵First country in Asia to have a UNESCO category one institute==>India
🔵First country to sign enforcement for sentences==>Italy
🔵First country to be affected by industrial revolution==>Great Britain
🔵First country to sign agreements to set up nuclear reactors in India==>France
🔵First country to use iris scans on ID cards==>Mexico
🔵First developing country to receive doses of donated H1N1 swine flu vaccines==>Mongolia
🔵First Developing country to contribute to crop Benefit Sharing Fund==>Indonesia
🔵First country in the world to limit banker’s bonuses==>France
🔵First European country to directly receive Azerbaijani gas==>Greece

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